My name is Ib Jensen and I am hobby photographer from Denmark who loves to photograph what I see or what interest me.
Pictures of my family or friends are private pictures and will not be published.
My flickrstreem is represented of my photographs and is in fairly time-chronological order.
It happens that I post processes an older photo. So they will occur in my photostreem at the time of post processing.
Basically, I believe that a good pictures are good pictures regardless of how they are made, just this clear from the caption. Using other people's material without permission is not ok.
Photos for documentation and journalistic pictures must of course not be manipulated.
So honesty about the picture is the most important thing.
A lion photographed in a zoo, I therefore can not katerogiseres as “wildlife”, but can easily be a god photo, simply stated, one is taken in a zoo.
When I come home from a photo journey and I may remember that the subject was a beautiful sunset, but I can not remember quite how the colors were when I took the picture. It's guaranteed no person could do so. I therefore believe that the phrase "as I saw it" is misleading. When we treat our photos pictures we try therefore to produce a satisfactory image.
Photographers have always tried to affect their images, so the images they got expresses
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